About Triphase Media

We want to eliminate every bad small business web site.

Spend a short period of time browsing the web. The number of misleading and unhelpful web sites is appalling.

Many of these sites are the first impression that a web surfer gets of the business.

We don't want your site to be the same way.

Our Mission

We want your small business to succeed.

We want your web site to please the customers you have and impress anyone who just comes across it.

We want your site to reduce your costs, save you time and make life easier for you.

Why do we care so much about your business?

Because our continued success is based entirely on how we help you.

When you see the positive impact that a great web site can have on your small business, you will (hopefully) recommend our service to others.

Since this is the basis of our business, we really want your web site to be a complete success.

Who Is Triphase Media

"We" are a company of one.

Chris Roberts is the owner and operator of Triphase Media. That would be me.

I am well versed in graphic design, audio, video and all things related to Internet technology. 10 years of experience is ready and waiting to assist you.

I don't use templates for my web sites, so each one is unique.

What does this mean for you?

It means that nothing is done by committee, so your intent is never misinterpreted. You work one-on-one with me through all the phases of the web site development.

I create the design, the graphics and the web pages themselves. This ensures a consistent look and feel for your site.

It also ensures you get exactly what you want. Don't like something? Let me know. I'll change it.

Our Approach

We keep web sites simple.

No Flash. No flying logos. No complicated graphics. No dynamic features.

We have a good reason for this.

It slows down your site and drives customers away.

We believe that the customer esperience on the web should be fast and instantly informative. Slow-loading animation and fancy graphics just get in the way.

Simple does not mean ugly.

Many sites on the web are extremely simple. But they look so hideous and are so poorly organized that they confuse rather than inform.

Even though our designs are simple, we make them look attractive and inviting. We make sure that the user always knows where they are on the web site. We make it clear what your business is about and what services you offer.

Why Triphase?

Triphase refers to our 3 step web development process.

When we build a small business web site, we research, design and build. Each one of these steps is critical in the development of a web site that works.

Research: we get to know your business and your customers. We want to inject your personality and business approach into your site. We also want to make it easy for customers to find what they are looking for.

Design: we create sample pages for you to review. We want to make sure you approve of the look before we take the time to build a single page. This approach saves you time and money since it reduces rework once the pages are built.

Build: we assemble all the pages of your web site, establish e-mail accounts, and optimize the sites for search engines.

Want To Know More?

Contact us today or give us a call at 510.828.9541.

We look forward to hearing from you.