Your Small Business Needs a Great Web Site

Let's face it.

You have a lot of reasons for not hiring a professional to design and build your small business web site.

  • My clients won't use it
  • I have enough business as it is
  • My competition already has one
  • It's too expensive to create and maintain

We want to make it clear that ever small business can benefit from a professional web site. Here's why.

New Leads

A great small business web site generates new customer leads.

Without any effort on your part, new customers will find out about your business and the services you provide.

Your web site will help you reach customers who might not find out about you otherwise.

But can't anyone make a web site? Sure they can!

Just remember this: your web site will be the first impression some customers get of your business. If your web site is poorly designed, you can be sure you won't gain any new customers by having it.

Satisfied Customers

A professional web site gives customers a sense of confidence.

When their questions are answered and needs quickly met, they feel they can depend on your business to be reliable.

Unprofessional web sites give customers the impression that the business is cheap and undependable.

Cost-Effective Advertising

Are you always paying for a Yellow Pages or newspaper ad?

Why not pay a one-time fee to set up a great web site? Then you can use the money you save in the future to build your business in other ways.

Save Yourself Time

You may spend a lot of time on the phone.

A small ad and your phone number doesn't tell customers anything about your small business. They are bound to have questions and are likely to call.

What if you could save that time by referring them to your web site? A web site can have details about all parts of your business.

Customers can find out all about you without taking up your time to ask questions.

Your web site pre-screens customers and lets them determine if your services are right for them.

Beat The Competition

Your competition has a web site. No surprise. Everyone does.

But does your competitor's web site work? Is it fast, clean and easy for anyone to use?

Get this: most web sites are so poorly designed, they lose customers on page one.

Your site can be better. In fact, your site can draw customers away from those sites that don't work.

I Already Have a Web Site

OK, how effective is it?

Do people recommend your business because of your quality web site? Does your site provide you with new customers on a regular basis?

Do existing customers feel confident about your business based on your site? Do you know? Have you asked?

Whether you pay someone to build your site or build it yourself, isn't it worth a fraction of the time and money you've spent to find out how much better it can be?

We can help you. We want your business to be successful. We want you to have a web site that works.

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