Small Business Web Site Design

Our web site designs are simple for three reasons.

We want your small business web site to be fast, easy to use, and inkeeping with your business goals.

Make It Fast

Beautiful graphics, flying logos, background music.

They don't help your customers quickly find what they are looking for. In fact, all they do is slow things down.

While some customers may appreciate how pretty your site is, many more will take notice when your web site loads fast.

How fast does it have to be to keep their attention? If a page takes longer than 10 seconds to appear, you've just lost another potential customer.

Don't make your customers wait.

Make It Easy

Why should your web site design be uncluttered?

  • Customers easily find what they are looking for.
  • They understand what your business is about.
  • They know how to find out more about you.
  • It's easy for them to contact you.

Make it easy for your customers to use your web site. Don't force them to think too much.

Achieve A Goal

Your small business web site should be single-minded.

Whether you want customers to sign up for a newsletter or give you a call, this should be the focus of every page.

Customers are steered toward a desired outcome.

Busy pages distract. Simple page design keeps customers on track.

Design Rework

We do research so that we can get the design right on the first try.

Are we always successful? No. That would not be realistic.

We know that some designs require adjustment. We work with you to get the design just right.

We also want to stay within your budget. We estimate the costs of each round of rework before we complete it. You get to decide whether the design will work or if more changes are required.

Web Site Blueprint

When we're done with design, you will have a great idea of how your small business web site will look.

We provide you with sample pages, so there are no surprises later on.

It's like building a house. The design is the construction blueprint. We won't build a thing until you are completely satisfied with it.

Once we've found something you like and it's approved, then we'll move to the next step and BUILD.

Hammer? Check. Nails? Check. Let's build it! »